What innovation means to you and why it’s important?

Innovation is important for our economy and to preserve and improve the world’s living standards.

From generations of black box recorder and the pacemaker to Wi-Fi and the bionic ear, for more than 100 years, we’ve been fostering innovation.

But what will innovation mean and how it’s important?

It’s not only about new inventions; it’s about using new and current resources in a more innovative way.

It’s about keeping up with the times while making sure you’re a step ahead of the pack. It’s also about doing something better than it’s already being done, often the innovation is actually the way these are used to improve engagement and communication.

Getting to the point of innovation……

“Rethinking how we live and work in the midst of dramatic technological occurrences is vitally important to understand in this changing world “

“We live through the emergence of a brand-new technological revolution, one wherever AI, quantum computing, Digital communication and different technologies that haven’t even been fictitious however can have comprehensive consequences for not simply our economy, however, our society, culture but future generations.

We have not just the leading scientists and engineers helping to drive this extraordinary innovation working very closely with industry partners, but also researchers in the humanities and social sciences helping understand and shape human dimensions of these challenges.”

From video games to medical sciences and Nanoscience battling against diseases, to developing robotsDigital Transformation-Emergence of Better-Connected World & social humanoids to enhance the world’s security, Innovations & Technology have played a significant role to assist society’s biggest challenge.

Ground-breaking discoveries and transformative inventions depended on bringing the right people together in an environment to support to discover and innovate future-ready society.



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