Is Digital Marketing – Essential 4 Business Growth?


What is Marketing?

Marketing is the business method of creating relationships with and satisfying customers.

With its focus on the client, selling is one of the premier parts of business management.

Facts about Digital marketing!!
It is fascinating to notice that the digital revolution is currently sweeping small cities and villages perhaps driven by increased accessibility at affordable data costs.

Digital Marketing
The increase in the usage of digital in rural India, wherever quite two-thirds of active web users are currently accessing the internet daily to meet their entertainment and communication.
Digital marketing is changing at a meteoric rate, making it more difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest industry standards.

76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty, which sums up change now.

Digital Marketing Reach!!!

Imagine from Listening of Cricket Commentary over Radio & Now watching Live over mobile phones from anywhere

Marketers have a big opportunity today where they can use digital ways to both urban and rural India Bringing together the world’s most exciting start-ups and tech companies to drive innovations and business solutions through online Marketing!!

Digital Marketing helping globally integrated marketing organization to transform brands to grow in a technology-driven world.


The debate continues on whether or not digital selling is irresistible and surpassing traditional marketing or not. Many think that digital marketing been much more welcomed by a large audience and has taken over and traditional marking barely exists, if at all.

Recent occurrences have seen as the magazine giant like TOI, ET Times switching over to digital publications cause ripples throughout the marketing arena. Over the last year or so traditional marketing is falling down while at the same time frame expenses over digital marketing increased to reach higher audiences.

The world transitioned into a digital environment. Not only are magazines going digital, but our daily tasks such as banking going online and much of our reading is done on e-readers like Kindle books, etc.

Because of the rise of the digital age. Even traditional marketing still exists, but it’s diminishing in our digital world. For today’s businesses, it is imperative to have a website to interact with their consumer base.

Options still exist for traditional marketing, if you are reaching a largely local audience, but it is important to take advantage of digital marketing so as to keep up in today’s world to reach large numbers – Hence need for Digital Marketing.



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